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What Million$ Purchase Took BTC through the Roof?

Major cryptocurrencies have lost approximately 50% of their value from beginning of this year, due to increasing regulation and market speculations. Nevertheless, recent rise of bitcoin showcased in these past

Investment Ideas

Bitcoin Beginner? That`s How You Trade it Right

People have been trading bitcoin for the last decade, and this economy trend only grows bigger as time goes by. That`s why it is no surprise that new comers are joining this investment arena with great motivation and profit growth. Bitcoin price changes dynamically, therefore it brings diverse investment options

Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin?

First thing`s first – as the crypto investment trend has risen back in 2008, when Bitcoin token and payment platform was introduced to the world, many people have bought BTC with a promising notion of a new revolutionary investment opportunity. Today we see the outcomes of these initial buy/sell transactions

Crypto News

Affecting Bitcoin Price – These 3 Giants are Gathering Up

Today`s trading world is influences by many factors that affect market soar and decent. Some are more aggressive and some are less, and when it comes to major league market players, you know they are a motivating part of politics and technology fields. If we break it down to latest

A New Start Up Predicts Coin Growth

A new startup had recently developed a predictive analytics system, which utilizes data queries that tell which digital coins will rise, and which will fall. This innovative cryptocurrency rating engine bases its flow according to advanced AI technology and an elaborated open source system. Together with last year`s soar in


Is ICO Future Turning Black?

Every monumental economic innovation which is assimilating and growing through the global trading world is destined, at some point, to become regulated and supervised by

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