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Telegram’s ICO Peaks More Than Expected

The popular cryptocurrency application Telegram is about to cross all time ICO record, as its pre-sale amount reached approximately 850$ million. According to Telegram`s financial predictions, the pre-sale funds were

Investment Ideas

Cryptocurrency Trading 101

Investing in cryptocurrency is an economical phenomenon, reality show it again and again these past few years. This arises a very interesting question regarding the true value of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin at the top list: Is Bitcoin a means to an end, a currency, or is it a commodity in

Bitcoin Beginner? That`s How You Trade it Right

People have been trading bitcoin for the last decade, and this economy trend only grows bigger as time goes by. That`s why it is no surprise that new comers are joining this investment arena with great motivation and profit growth. Bitcoin price changes dynamically, therefore it brings diverse investment options

Crypto News

The God of Bitcoin – Roger Ver

It is commonly known that major characters who influence the cryptocurrency industry are somewhat peculiar. It`s not a negative reference, not at all, but a social relation to these brilliant minds who make blockchain their way of life. One of those stand-out characters is Roger Var, a born & raised

Will Bitcoin Prevail? (Hint – Look at Gold & the Web)

It’s no secret that the mighty cryptocurrency is suffering rate drops the past month, but as far as the future is considered, it’s not quit the end of it, to say the least. What makes this current decent only a timely fall? The power of revolution, in short. It’s Already


Is ICO Future Turning Black?

Every monumental economic innovation which is assimilating and growing through the global trading world is destined, at some point, to become regulated and supervised by

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