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3 Crypto Trends to Follow in 2018

There has been a lot said about the blockchain phenomenon that had entered our globe a decade ago. Despite opposite opinions regarding crypto payment platforms and currencies, it is pure fact that this phenomenon`s effect on worldwide economy is highly influential.

Cryptocurrencies are already related to as substantial assets, and despite the slow start this market had experienced in the first two months of this new year, it`s clear the trend is evolving fast. There are 3 interesting trends to watch for in 2018, let`s review them.

Public Interest in Cryptocurrency

Last December the crypto boom wasn`t something you could ignore, as market`s traffic soared with a big bang. Public`s interest was building high up, so high that several exchanges had to close their gates to new comers. The payment platforms were overflowed and the risk of mass traffic damaging the transaction process was expected. After it settled a bit this February, new users have entered this growing community more curious than ever. The extreme rate drop together with technological development of new and existing exchanges, make it substantially more attractive to be a part of the cryptocurrency community. New features offer upgraded transaction speed, removal of withdrawal/deposit limitations, lesser purchase fees – all are impacting mass registration.

Coins` Stability

As the cryptocurrency trend grows stronger, one of its most prominent characteristics, volatility, is getting weaker. As blockchain payment platforms become more efficient, more secure and more trustworthy, coins` stability is directly increased. One of the stand-out coins which reflect such stable applications is Tether, a noticeable example of how cryptocurrency becomes a real asset. The Tether method prompts a smart contract that focuses on collateral holdings. It basically means that users can enjoy coins that are backed up with collateral assets, rather that exclusively owning a singular crypto wallet. This enhances new interesting investment possibilities.

Big Money Streams into Crypto Market

Economic growth is powered by financial forces that determine future development. When institutional organizations such as banks, stock markets, and big-market-ruling companies stream funds and business into this market, it`s a whole new game to play. The crypto market was massively impacted when stock exchanges have accepted this trade as legitimate. Moreover, when financial giants like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs get in the field, one can`t help taking an interest in what kind of investments they`re going to lead.

There is much excitement increasing substantially towards crypto market prediction for 2018. Together with improved blockchain technology and institutionalized regulations, major market factors that take this trading into hands – there`s no surprise that cryptocurrency is the center of attention in the beginning of 2018.

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