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A New Start Up Predicts Coin Growth

A new startup had recently developed a predictive analytics system, which utilizes data queries that tell which digital coins will rise, and which will fall.

This innovative cryptocurrency rating engine bases its flow according to advanced AI technology and an elaborated open source system. Together with last year`s soar in bitcoin trading and a buzzing talk scene about ICO endeavors, reality presents a dramatic awareness increase of cryptocurrency trade options. Instead of investing on a hunch, the Altcoin Consultant start-up strives to change this concept and base ICO investments upon a concrete analyzing platform, which uses current data to enable tracking of coin trade behavior.

It’s All About Actual Data

Altcoin Consultant gathers vast information that floods the net in order to identify trends and correlations of over 200 leading cryptocurrencies. The self-developed algorithm scans the web 24/7, cross references diverse sources, which were previously proven as reliable ones. After analysis phase, the system creates prediction of coin stats and movements, in order for the users to take upon as an operative trade recommendation. For time being, the system presents predictions for a week ahead, with stats like coin prices, conversion rates, selling price index, and other shared data traffic. This data mainly relies upon stock market information and current news desks.

Technological Advantage

It is already known that analysts can try and calculate these kind of correlations, but in fact, their prediction abilities are limited to a small number of data resources. The Altcoin Consultant system on the other hand can create an advanced prediction which relies on 2100 correlation options, meaning an endless number of calculating possibilities. This huge advantage doesn`t only reflect in the amount of possible calculations, but also in the relevancy of the research. How? Well, while a certain analyst relies on lesser upgraded systems, the research time spent on analysis makes data gathering slower and eventually obsolete.

Critical Mass Element

The critical question that arises here present suspicions of self-manipulated predictions. How do we mean? Well, following John McAfee`s tweet last December, some coins he had talked about have significantly increased their demand value. It was suggested that when the Altcoin Consultant system should develop in the future, user traffic along with published predictions could actually affect coin rates. Eden Amitai, Altcoin Consultant`s VP marketing said the when the system will be supported by a critical mass of users, the recommendation factor will be calculated according to an upgraded feature. This kind of feature will be installed as an adapted element in the system.

As the platform`s infrastructure lies upon an open source code, predictions are available constantly and are changing according to user traffic. Altcoin Consultant has emphasized that their business model isn`t based upon affiliations or ongoing connection with stock markets. It is actually based on a type of POC technology that is a part of a greater future development.

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