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Meet COTI – The New Leading Player in Town

  • January 29, 2018
  • ICOs

COTI is a new digital payment & transaction platform which has issued the COTI token that should come as a greater solution to known difficulties eCommerce world is experiencing. The main problem that hovers above all of those difficulties is the trust basing issue, which many still believe blockchain lacks. So, what are the advantages offered by COTI as opposed to veteran crypto tokens exist in the digital market?

Lower Trading Fees & Higher Trust Establishment

It`s all about money gaining actually, and money saving no least. So when a global consumer arena exceeds 50$ trillion transaction scale and the need for improved digital payment methods increases, the competition is getting fiercer by the minute. This fact directly affects merchants` and consumers` approval rates and trading fees, both crypto and credit card wise. COTI offers a more convenient adaptation to these payment options, by putting an emphasis on the trust factor. You are all aware of the risks involved in cross border eCommerce, as merchants and buyers are located in different countries with different jurisdiction regulations.

This results a high cost need for a mediation factor to secure digital purchases, usually provided by credit card companies as a third party. On the cryptocurrecy side, there is no mediating factor such as that, as the blockchain network has no third party escrow that intervenes in case of dispute. COTI is set to push the goal of enabling a concrete payment network that works more efficiently, faster in wise of seller-buyer communication and based upon an advanced technological strength.

Setting New Technological Standards

COTI bases its implemented vision upon an automated tech environment which analyses streaming trading data. This results a trustworthy platform, in which both parties are operating on agreed terms. Furthermore, the revolutionary trait COTI platform suggests is by charging an adaptable fee that addresses users selectively, according to the proportional network`s fluidity. It basically means that the more money a merchant/buyer spends on COTI, the more they contribute to lower fees collectively.

Smoother Payment Ecosystem

COTI directs its innovative payment method onto to a decentralized mediation, risk-based pricing and instant credit, relying on hard core data analysis. This vibrant financial ecosystem is driven upon high risk users who take on their fair share of fees, that way enabling low risk users to operate more comfortably amongst the platform, and increase traffic all together.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it`s not, it’s already an operative reality.



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