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Plus500 – High Level Technology Combining a Personal Vibe

Plus500 is a global leading provider of CFD trading, enabling transactions on commodities, shares, ETF`s, indices and options. Plus500AU Pty Ltd (ACN 153301681), licensed by: ASIC in Australia, AFSL #417727. FMA in New Zealand, FSP #486026; Authorized Financial Serviced Provider in South Africa, FSP #47546. Main offices are based in Sydney. The company offers a wide range of CFD portfolio tools and instruments, which allow investors to establish more mature trading strategies.

*Your capital is at risk

Risk Management Options

Putting an emphasis on trading regulations, Plus500 offers traders a variety of risk management tools to enable better investment experience. Two of such balancing instruments offered are “Close at Profit” & “Close at Loss”. These elements allow a price limit which is set to alert a trader according to his preferences, without closing his position. Another instrument offered by Plus500, also uses to limit a trading option, is designed to protect the trader`s profit, by locking it through a stop level. The advantage here is that the stop can be modified as different from what the trader has originally set. That way the downside risk is controlled without the need to monitor the position or adjusting the stop price continuously.

Features and Platforms

Plus500 offers a strong CFD trading platform, which presents a large range of trading instruments, Forex pairs, Commodities, Options, ETF`s, Shares and Indices – spread over 20 markets around the globe. A stand out difference that separates Plus500 from other providers is the fact that it does not maintain a sales team, so traders can enjoy a self-managed trading experience, without feeling the pressure to act on a certain way. This platform appeals to worldwide traders in 32 different spoken languages, and offers an unlimited free demo account to practice upon, conveniently.

There is a high standard value given to customer experience, manifested in a 24/7 customer service. This is designed to make traders feel more secure and supported throughout their investment efforts. From the technological side, the trading platform that is used as the infrastructure of the activity is WebTrader. This platform offers a wide spectrum of trading information, including market data and current positions. The interface is highly convenient and user friendly, making the trading experience fluent and informative.

An additional unique feature presented by this platform enables 3 different trading channels (mobile, web-based and downloadable versions), which showcase agility in wise of version transition. While other platforms may suffer difficulties in switching from one channel to another, WebTrader connects the three smoothly. Plus500`s major positive features offer a reliable system performance and stand-out execution rates, competitive promotions and a leverage up to 1:300. These impressive options does not minimize the significance in trading responsibly, and with personal suitability to the CFD trading field.

Pleasant and Vibrant Trading Experience

Concluding the Plus500 overall trading experience results a highly satisfying product and service. The main emphasis of this provider is put on providing an appealing user experience, handed to traders in order to suit their trading preferences compatibly, while increasing their knowledge base and field understanding.

As Plus500 has stabled its status as top leading trading platform, it is additionally advised to fully understand the risks involved, and approach CFD trading with awareness and care.

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